Are your feet tired from a busy week (or a morning’s retail therapy in Princes Street)? The restorative properties of a pedicure have been known for thousands of years – if you haven’t experienced the joys of professional foot and toe nail care, now’s the time to treat yourself.

A great range of pedicure treatments

Imagine how good you’ll feel after one (or more) of our foot pedicure treatments:

·         File, buff and polish

·         Pedicure

·         Deluxe pedicure


You can arrange pedicures on their own, or combine them with a foot massage, reflexology or one of the many other indulgences we offer. Whether you take 30 minutes out of a busy schedule for a quick file, buff and polish, or allow a couple of hours for our deluxe pedicure, our professional pedicure therapist has the skills and experience to make your feet and toes feel wonderful.

Treat yourself to a Deluxe Pedicure

Don’t rush this one! Allow plenty of time to relax while your therapist gives you the ultimate in luxurious pedicure treatments:

·         Exfoliating foot scrub

·         Warm paraffin wax bath

·         A stimulating mask and pedicure

·         Alleviate aches and stiffness in feet and improve circulation


The Classic French Pedicure

Summer or winter, special events and open-toed shoes deserve a suitably stylish finish. When your toes have to impress, what’s better than the timeless elegance of the classic French pedicure.


So what’s it to be? You could even arrange to have another treatment while you’re here: maybe a foot massage or reflexology.

With pedicure prices starting from £15 give us a call to book your manicure session today.



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