Eyebrow Shape/Wax

A well-groomed eyebrow is a shortcut to a pulled together look: it can balance out your features and make you look more polished and awake.

Finding the right shape for you, however, can be a little tricky. I checked in with the experts at the Shobha Salon in New York for advice:

·         If you have a round face, a high-arched, angular brow will make your face look thinner.

·         Conversely, if you have a long face, a more horizontal eyebrow with an arch that is further out towards your hair line will make your face appear fuller.

·         A heart-shaped or square face is balanced out by round eyebrows.

·         To minimize a large nose, aim for highly arched, dark or thick eyebrows.

·         Eyes will look larger with thin, angled brows.

·         Rounder brows will soften a sharp or pointy chin.

·         Large eyes are more proportional with thicker, dark colored brows.

·         If you wear glasses, pick a pair that matches the shape of your brow, instead of attempting to make your brow match the frames.

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